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3D Printing 3D Printers

The Ender CR-10 has a 500mm³ print volume. It's an FDM Printer capable of printing PLA, PETG, and Flexible Filament* (depending on print settings). It cannot print ASA, ABS, PolyCarbonate, or Nylon. It is perfect for printing larger items that cannot fit on an...


3D Printing 3D Printers

The CR-30 has a 200mm x 180mm x infinite print volume. It’s an FDM Printer of prints of PLA, PETG, and Flexible Filament* (depending on print settings). It cannot print ASA, ABS, PolyCarbonate, or Nylon. It is perfect for printing long continuous items that ca...

Connecting to Klipper

3D Printing Getting Started with Klipper Firmware a...

To access Klipper for the Ender 3’s, Open Chrome and type in To connect directly to Each Printer, click on the links below. Machine IP Address/HostName Port Number Ender #1 7125 Ender #2

Operating the Ender 3 with Mainsail and Klipper

3D Printing Getting Started with Klipper Firmware a...

Select Printer Select G-Code files. Hit colored upload arrow button Right click your file and select Print Start Select dashboard to view progress.

Bed Leveling

3D Printing Getting Started with Klipper Firmware a...

Leveling the bed of a 3D printer is an essential step to ensure proper adhesion and accurate printing. Even with Auto Bed Leveling, it is the most essential and primary step in ensuring a good printer. Here's a guide on how to level a 3D printer bed using the...

How to set up a digital signboard

Information Technology

The digital sign in the front window area of the makerspace is a 40" commercial display driven by a Raspberry Pi Model 3 B+. The "signboard" is set to display the contents of a Google Slides presentation on a loop, and it refreshes that presentation to pick up...

Wood Shop Safety Handout, Dec 2023


Emergency Info: Exits First-aid AED location Fire extinguisher  Address:Unit 618 Restrooms  PPE Purpose: This class is to prepare you for safe use of the most common tools in the shop. For each tool we will discuss the following:  When to use...


Electronics Warnings and Cautions

Your personal safety is paramount, however, it is up to you to be aware of the area's hazards. Some resources may have warning tags, but users should be aware of ALL potential risks. The Makerspace is not responsible for your actions.Potential hazards include,...


Electronics Warnings and Cautions

Members should be aware of the potential to damage equipment. Our resources are not foolproof.  Some resources will have a CAUTION tag, but lack of such a tag does not preclude damage due to improper use. Some cautionary considerations: Excessive voltage and...

Weapons Policy

Policies and Procedures

This page details the policies on carrying and creating weapons at Bellingham Makerspace. Firearms No type of firearm may be crafted at the Makerspace or with Makerspace tools. Firearm paraphernalia (e.g. holsters, engraved grips, etc.) may be c...


Policies and Procedures

This page outlines the guidelines for accepting and managing donations at Bellingham Makerspace. We appreciate your support and contributions to our creative community. Please read the following carefully to ensure that your donation aligns with our needs and ...

Code of Conduct

Policies and Procedures

Bellingham Makerspace is committed to maintaining a creative community in which all individuals are treated with fairness, respect, and dignity. This policy applies to all within the Makerspace: employees, volunteers, members, and guests alike -- within our wa...

Incident Report

Policies and Procedures Forms

Fill out an Incident Report for injuries, equipment damage, property damage, and Code of Conduct infractions. If completing a paper version, send a photograph of the filled form to [email protected]  Once a report is submitted you will receive a ...

Reinstatement Appeal

Policies and Procedures Forms

Fill out a Reinstatement Appeal form to request overturning decisions made regarding an Incident Report. If completing a paper version, send a photograph of the filled form to [email protected] Reinstatement Appeal process: Once an appeal is sub...

What is new member orientation?

Frequently asked questions

If you are a new member, orientation is mandatory. We do this in order to ensure that all members understand our safety procedures, the general layout of the shop, and who to contact if there's a problem. If you are a returning member (e.g., you paused or can...

I am a retired master craftsperson. Do I still have to take tool orientation classes?

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Here's why: Our insurance carrier requires us to train members in our safety and security procedures. You may have used your tools, but you haven't used our tools in our shop. To ensure that everybody can safely use the tools, we need to make sure ev...

Privacy Policy

Policies and Procedures

It shall be the policy of the Bellingham Makerspace to comply with all laws, whether Federal, State, or Local, with respect to the display, discussion, or provision to any party, formation which identifies an individual or provides sensitive personal informa...

I am giving someone a gift tomorrow and I really need to use a tool to finish it. Can I join and finish my project this afternoon?

Frequently asked questions

Short answer: no. Long answer: Every single time we've tried this, it's ended with a ruined project and everybody frustrated. We simply cannot sign up, onboard, and train every member who walks in the door, help them with their project, and also expect to get...

Sliding Miter Saw

Woodshop Tools

When to use: Miter saws are used mostly for: cross cuts against the grain to cut thin material down to length Of the finished material. Safety:  Keep fingers at least 3” from the blade Make sure your piece is firmly held in place, against the fenc...


Woodshop Tools

When to use: Jointers are used to make sure your board is true after using the planer. This is important to make sure your end result will be square and fit together properly. Safety:  Boards must be no shorter than 12” to use this tool A  push block mus...