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I am a retired master craftsperson. Do I still have to take tool orientation classes?


Here's why:

  1. Our insurance carrier requires us to train members in our safety and security procedures.
  2. You may have used your tools, but you haven't used our tools in our shop. To ensure that everybody can safely use the tools, we need to make sure everybody takes the same orientation class.
  3. Orientation isn't just about teaching you to use the tools -- it's also about teaching you when you shouldn't use the tools. For example, certain types of wood will trigger the safety sensor on our SawStop table saw, which will render it inoperable until a new cartridge can be installed. Tool orientation classes cover these types of scenarios, as well as what to do when you find a tool in an inoperable or dangerous state.
  4. If you don't have time to do something correctly, when are you going to have time to do it again?