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What is new member orientation?

If you are a new member, orientation is mandatory. We do this in order to ensure that all members understand our safety procedures, the general layout of the shop, and who to contact if there's a problem.

If you are a returning member (e.g., you paused or cancelled your membership and are now rejoining), you do not need to retake your orientation if less than 6 months has passed since you were last a member. If more than 6 months has passed, please sign up for an orientation session as a refresher on shop policy and procedures.

Member orientations are free, and are held on the following schedule:

  • first and third Saturdays of every month at 12pm
  • second and fourth Sundays of every month at 4pm

This allows us to most efficiently schedule staff time, and also gives you a chance to meet other new members. If  you cannot make a scheduled orientation session, please email [email protected] to schedule an orientation session with a staff member.