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When to use:

This tool is used as a way to make a board true on both faces. This is a useful tool for cupped boards, and is also a good tool to create a smooth surface to start sanding from. Maximum width is 12.5".

This tool is often used for cleaning up panels that have been glued together. Be sure to remove any excess glue before use. 


  1. Boards must be no shorter than 12” to use this tool.
  2. Boards need to be supported as they exit the other side of the planer 
  3. Remove material in reasonable increments. Removing to much material at once will cause binding and cause the tool to not work correctly
  4. You should only be taking off 1/16 of an inch at a time with this tool, any more than that will result in damage of the tool, wood, and potentially injury 
  5. This tool is only used to plane the wide side of a board. Do not stand wood on end and pass it though the planer.


  1. Attach dust collection
  2. Adjust the cut depth of the blade.
  3. I generally bring the blade down to the depth of my board for the first pass and then move them down 1/4 turn 
  4. Face the previously jointed edge down on the planer belt
  5. Turn on dust collection
  6. Turn on machine 
  7. Pass the board though the planer until the results you desire are achieved 1/4 turn at a time
  8. This tool should not be used to “sand” the board
  9. Turn off machined and dust collection 
  10. Clean up tool and surrounding space

Tool specifications



Manufacturer Product Page
Max Depth
6 inches
Max Width
12 1/2 inches
Voltage 110V
Manual (pdf)