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Testing out

Test-Out Option for 3D Printing at Bellingham Makerspace

At Bellingham Makerspace, we offer a test-out option for individuals who are already proficient in 3D printing and wish to bypass the Introduction to 3D Printing class. Here's how the test-out process works:

Demonstration of Proficiency:

  • Schedule a session with a staff member or area lead to demonstrate your proficiency in 3D printing.
  • During this session, you will be asked to perform various tasks related to 3D printing, such as:
    • Loading filament into the printer.
    • Preparing and slicing a 3D model using slicing software.
    • Initiating and monitoring a print job.
    • Performing basic troubleshooting, if necessary.


  • The staff member or area lead will assess your performance and determine whether you have the necessary skills and knowledge to safely operate the 3D printers.
  • Your understanding of 3D printing concepts, safety procedures, and printer operation will be evaluated.

Important Considerations:

  • The test-out option is only available to individuals who already possess a strong understanding of 3D printing principles and have experience operating 3D printers.
  • It is essential to ensure that you are fully prepared and confident in your abilities before attempting the test-out option.
  • If you do not pass the proficiency assessment, you may still enroll in the Introduction to 3D Printing class to receive formal training.
  • To schedule a test-out session or for more information, please contact a staff member or area lead at Bellingham Makerspace.