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Bambu Lab P1 Series Printer Maintenance Guide


Maintenance Frequency

X-axis Carbon Rods:

  • Frequency: Every 2 weeks
  • Procedure: Clean with isopropyl alcohol and a lint-free cloth.

Z-axis Lead Screws:

  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Procedure: Clean and re-grease to ensure smooth operation.

Y and Z-axis Linear Rods:

  • Frequency: Bi-monthly; every three months for anti-rust treatment
  • Procedure: Clean and lubricate to prevent rust and ensure smooth movement.

Extruder Assembly:

  • Frequency: After every significant printing project or visible accumulation
  • Procedure: Clean with compressed air to remove debris.

Filament Cutter:

  • Frequency: Check every 2 rolls; more frequently for abrasive materials
  • Procedure: Replace the blade if it becomes dull.

Hotend Silicone Sock:

  • Frequency: Check monthly or if issues are noticed
  • Procedure: Replace as needed to maintain temperature consistency.

Idler Pulley:

  • Frequency: Monthly or when any irregularities in movement are noticed
  • Procedure: Lubricate to eliminate noise and ensure smooth operations.

Chamber Camera:

  • Frequency: Monthly or after printing with materials like ABS
  • Procedure: Ensure clarity by cleaning the lens regularly.

Part Cooling Fans:

  • Frequency: Every 2 weeks
  • Procedure: Clear any accumulated dust with compressed air.

Nozzle Wiper:

  • Frequency: Check and clean after each printing session
  • Procedure: Replace if damaged or ineffective.

PTFE Tube:

  • Frequency: After 3 rolls of abrasive or 7 rolls of regular filament
  • Procedure: Inspect and replace if worn to maintain filament feed quality.

This adjusted schedule accounts for increased wear and tear, helping maintain the printer's performance and longevity in a high-use environment. For step-by-step instructions and further details, please refer to the Bambu Lab P1 Maintenance Guide.