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3D Printing Regulations and Rules

This Wiki entry outlines the key rules and guidelines for using the facilities at Bellingham Makerspace. Adhering to these rules ensures a safe, productive, and welcoming environment for all members and visitors.

Rules and Regulations

    1. Training Requirement

      • Objective: Ensure competence in safely operating equipment.
      • Rule: No use of complex machinery, like 3D printers, without prior training and authorization from makerspace staff.
    2. Weapons Prohibition

      • Objective: Maintain a safe environment.
      • Rule: The possession or use of weapons is strictly forbidden on makerspace premises.
    3. Recycling and Waste Disposal

      • Objective: Promote environmental sustainability and cleanliness.
      • Rule: Dispose of all waste materials and scraps in designated recycling bins with proper segregation.
    4. Cleanliness

      • Objective: Maintain an organized workspace ready for use.
      • Rule: Clean workspace and return all tools and materials to their designated places after completing projects.
    5. Equipment Care

      • Objective: Prevent equipment damage and ensure maintenance.
      • Rule: Do not attempt to repair or modify any equipment. Report issues immediately to staff, leading to an incident report.
    6. Payment for Prints

      • Objective: Simplify and ensure transparency in transactions for 3D printing services.
      • Rule: Pay for prints either at the counter immediately upon collection or online via PayPal link as provided in the payment procedures.

Prohibited Items, See Weapons Policy and Enforcement