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Information Technology

The Bellingham Makerspace provides information technology for members to use as part of their projects or classes. This includes:

  • WiFi
  • a 5-seat computer lab
  • tool computers (e.g., in electronics or laser/vinyl cutting)
  • a black-and white laser printer
  • a color laser printer

Appropriate Use Policies

  • If using a lab or tooling computer, save files to the M: drive.
    • Do not leave files on the desktop. This results in a cluttered environment.
    • The M: drive is public storage; anybody in the makerspace can view anybody else's files. Use it only for moving project files between makerspace computers (e.g., taking a Cura render over to the 3D printers, moving an Inkscape drawing to the laser cutter, etc.)
  • Log out of all accounts (e.g. Gmail, Dropbox, etc.) when done using a computer.
  • Classes take priority over personal use; personal use is first come, first served.
  • Be considerate of others; don't leave others waiting to use a tool or lab computer.