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Closing / Lock-up

Because there are members who use the space at all different times of the day and night, we ask that you take some time before leaving to ensure that you have cleaned up and secured any tools or tool areas you were working in.

If there are only one or two other members present at the space, let them know this ("I'm heading out, and you're the last one here").

If you are the last to leave:

  • check front gate
  • turn off lights
  • make sure you have cleaned up/secured any tools and tool areas you were using.

How to Lock the Front Gate

  1. Grab the gate key and aluminum hook from the front desk area. The gate key is kept on the side of the key box.
  2. Use the hook to pull the gate down to where you can reach it, and then pull the gate the rest of the way to the floor by hand.
  3. Turn the lock handle on the left hand side to the left (counter-clockwise). To ensure the gate is actually secure, tug up on the gate. It should not move.
  4. Use the key to lock the gate. 
  5. Return the key and the hook to their location by the front desk.