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Shelving - Single Row Brackets and Standards

Use This Wiki For Parts Ordering or Shelf-Building

This wiki aims to help members, volunteers, board and staff to properly source parts for our shelving and safely assemble them.

Shelving Types and Terminology:

The wall-mounted shelves that are currently in the Bellingham Makerspace use single track standards and brackets.

A standard is the long part that screws into the wall and holds the brackets.

All standards in the makerspace have single row slots.

Standards come in many sizes, but the two main sizes in the Makerspace are 1'' and 1/2''.

We have one rolling display that uses 5/8'' slots and 3/8'' spacing, these don't work with 1'' or 1/2'' standards.

A bracket is the part that interlocks into slots on the standard and holds the load.

Brackets come in many lengths and they all have weight limits.

If you are unsure about the weight limit, ask staff before placing heavy items on a shelf.

If a bracket wobbles from side to side, it is likely missing a piece that screws in and holds it into place.


Shelving Examples:

Our two main sizes (1'' and 1/2'') are equally spaced by the size of the slot (1'' spacing for 1'' slot etc.) 

Below is an example of an equally spaced, one inch standard.


Below is an example a standard for our less common, 5/8'' display system:



The example below is a 12'' heavy-duty 'rectangular-faceout' bracket that works with our 1'' system:


Notice the screw-like part between the notches in the example above? 

This is screwed out until flush with the standard in order to secure the bracket, preventing it from wobbling or moving.


Below is a 12'' heavy-duty 'hangrail' bracket that works with our 1'' system:




Making Shelves:

When creating a new shelf, it is imperative that you know the maximum load that the shelf is capable of safely holding.

Keep in mind that weight limits are typically in reference to a PAIR of shelf brackets, do not double this figure when installing a two-bracket shelf or triple it with a three-bracket shelf.  Always check with staff or a board member if you are unsure.

First, identify the type of standard on the wall (1/2'' or 1'') and select the shelf brackets accordingly.

Then, identify the bracket length.  If it is a 12'' bracket, use a shelf that is 12 inches in width or less.  Do not use a shelf width that exceeds the bracket length, as this creates an unnecessary safety risk and can result in property damage and/or serious injury.

Nearly all of our standards are spaced 3 feet apart from slot to slot, but it it recommended that you confirm this distance before making any cuts to wooden shelving or ordering shelving platforms.  You may use multiple sections of standards to create longer shelves, just be sure to add a shelf bracket at each standard that the shelf passes.



When ordering for our 1'' system, look for 1'' single row heavy duty shelf brackets.

When ordering for our 1/2'' system, look for 1/2'' single row heavy duty shelf brackets.