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How to: use this wiki


You can use any combination of Markdown and Dokuwiki syntax. When in doubt, use the formatting buttons at the top of the edit window.

If you have a weird formatting issue:

  • try putting a \ in front of the character where the issue begins
  • look for blank spaces on a line
  • add a return between where you ended a section and where the next one begins.


When logged in, you will see 5 links on the right-hand side of every page.

  • Edit Page
    • This lets you edit the page.
  • Old Revisions
    • This lets you see previous edits, compare them to other revisions, and revert to a previous version if necessary.
  • Backlinks
    • This lets you see what other pages link to this page.
  • Manage subscriptions
    • This lets you subscribe to the page. Any time the page is edited, you will receive an email. You can also cancel your subscription from this page.
  • Back to top
    • This takes you back to the top of the page.

By default, any logged-in user can edit any page. If this becomes a problem, we will change it.

Creating new pages

You can create a page by adding the title to the URL in your browser (e.g., to create a new page called 'example'), or by creating a link to it. For example, this page has not been created yet.

Page organization

When in doubt, just create a page. We can reorganize it later.

If you want to create a page under an existing page, add a colon (:) between the page names, like so:


This helps us organize information under “namespaces”, which makes it easier to manage entire sub-areas of the site (e.g., all of the sewing machine tutorials could be under fiber_arts:sewing_machines:howtos, and their manuals could be listed under fiber_arts:sewing_machines:manuals

Where possible, align namespaces with the Google Drive organization.

What to document

Documentation in a makerspace is a constant battle against the forces of entropy.

Add documentation here if:

  • you can't find it anywhere else,
  • you've asked the question at least 3 times, and/or
  • you've just figured out how to do something and nobody else knows how

Update the existing documentation whenever it's incorrect or out of date. If you're wrong, we can always revert or change it.

Additional resources

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