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Using Slack

What is Slack?

Slack is a multi-user, multi-channel chat service. We use Slack for internal communications that need to happen quicker than email, or for stuff that doesn't require as formal of a structure as email.

Why are we using Slack instead of Discord?

As a non-profit, we get to use the professional tier of Slack for free. Plus, Discord is primarily geared toward gaming communities, and Slack is geared toward more traditional (read: physical) types of communities and workplaces. This just works better for us.

Can I start a BMS Discord?

Please don't.

How do I get an account?

All members should get an invite to Slack during the on-boarding process. If you didn't, contact the Operations Manager or a board member.

How does this work?

Here's the official Slack quick-start guide.

Beyond that, our community uses Slack in the following ways:

  • the #general channel contains all members, and is a place for discussion and questions related to the space at large.
  • each tool area has its own channel (#woodworking, #sewing_and_fiber_arts, #3d_printing, etc.) which is listed on its tool area page. Those are intended for questions and discussion related to those tool areas.
  • there are also channels related to specific committees or initiatives, such as #volunteers or #promotion. If you are interested in helping with those types of initiatives, feel free to join those channels!
  • #off_topic is exactly what it sounds like. If you find a funny link, or a cool video, or a project from another makerspace, feel free to post it there.
  • You can also direct message individual members, either by clicking on their name in a channel and selecting “Message”, or by mousing over “Direct messages” in the left-hand sidebar, clicking on the plus sign, and typing their name in the search field.

I have a question about some tools. Who do I ask?

First, pop into that tool area's channel. Next, check the pinned messages to see if there's an answer. Finally, ask your question! You may be directed to a specific person or a wiki page, but there's a good chance that if you have that question, others do too!

I need a board member. How do I get one?

Message @board in #general.

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