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Safety Policies


We are all here to share space, tools, and expertise. - Be polite and civil with others, particularly when giving or receiving feedback about safety. - Return tools to their proper place so that they are readily available for all to use. - Sweep, vacuum, and wipe off your workspace as appropriate when finished. - Do not leave projects on workspace surfaces.

  1. Consult a staff member for projects that are clamped and need to dry, etc.
  2. Storage space may be available for a small fee but space is limited.

- Take all of your scraps and trash out to the dumpster on your way out. This includes wood and acrylic scraps from the laser.

Getting help

Ask for help: - If you have a problem with a machine or operation. - When handling long, large or heavy materials. - Any time you feel unsure especially about the safety of what you are about to do.

Seek first aid help immediately for any injury!

Basic safety

  • Give your work and the tool you are using your undivided attention.
  • Operate the tool according to its manufacturer safety regulations.
  • Pay attention to the tool while it is running (i.e. do not walk away from the laser when in operation).
  • Operate tools and machines with a clear mind (never under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or when fatigued).
  • Follow the instructions of the shop host and staff for the tool you are using. (Instructions can be found in this wiki.)

Safe clothing

Wear safe attire for tool rooms:

  • Closed toed shoes.
  • Safety glasses
  • Hearing protection
  • Breathing protection as appropriate to the work environment (e.g., N95 masks when making sawdust)
  • Tie back long hair and beards Remove loose jewelry, necklaces, hoodie strings, and gloves when using power tools.

Shared safety

The Makerspace is a community, and what you do will affect others. Please be respectful of the space and your fellow members!

Above all else, avoid startling people who are focused on their project and using potentially dangerous tools.

  • Respect COVID-19 policies, including social distancing, sanitizing, and wearing masks.
  • Allow others to give their work their undivided attention.
  • Do not tap people on the shoulder, especially while they are using tools or wearing hearing protection.
  • Move into others' line of sight before attempting to attract their attention.
  • Stay clear of areas where others may move unexpectedly without checking for your presence.
  • Give warning before making sudden loud noises. (e.g., say “Cutting!” loudly before engaging the table saw or chop saw)

Unsafe Materials

Do not bring toxic materials to the Makerspace! The following materials are not allowed: - Lead paint - Flammable explosives - Radioactive materials - Use only the approved materials for the laser (specifically no PVC).

If in doubt, check specific tool pages prior to using a material with a tool.

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