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Standard Operating Procedures

SOPs are how we run and operate the Bellingham Makerspace in a safe and reliable manner. There is a procedure for everything from how we operate the tools to how we lock up at the end of the day. These are the keys to continuously improving how we do things.

Tool usage

Checkout classes follow the SOP for that tool. There is no need to memorize how to run a tool – in fact we prefer you check with our volunteers and the wiki page for a tool for details. The wiki includes links to the specific operating manuals and other safety details for all of our tools.

Tool Safety

Tool safety is important. Failure to follow safety rules can result in suspension of membership.

  • Do not use a tool or machine without getting properly trained and checked off.
  • If you are ever unsure about how a tool works, ask staff for help. That’s why they are there.
  • Consult the wiki page for a tool to get the manual.
  • Follow the instructions of the Tool Champion.
  • Report broken tools and equipment immediately!
    • This is the only way we can ensure all tools are working when you need them.
      • It also helps us provide consumables such as drill bits and extra blades.

Dull Tools

Dull tools are extremely dangerous. They:

  • Require excessive force
  • Can pose a fire hazard
  • Have a higher likelihood of ejecting material from the work area.

If you think a tool's blades may be dull, DO NOT USE IT. Please bring any dull tools to the attention of staff as soon as possible.


Projects or materials may be left up to 72 hours at the Bellingham Makerspace with the permission of a Bellingham Makerspace staff member, provided that they are stored in an out-of-the-way location with a full name, date it will be removed, and a phone number of the project owner.

Items left on the premises for more than 72 hours outside of rented space or after membership expires will be removed or be made available to other members. The Bellingham Makerspace makes a best effort to notify people before material/ projects are removed, but we cannot be held responsible for any item left at The Bellingham Makerspace under any circumstance.

Unlabeled items will be removed without warning or advanced notice.

Longer-term storage may be available upon request. Ask a staff member for details.


Many of the tools at The Bellingham Makerspace use tooling that wears out (consumables). These include things like drill bits, saw blades, dremel bits, etc. We try to keep basic tooling available for most tools, but we cannot supply tooling for every possible project.

It is important that if something is broken, worn down, or accidentally abused that you tell Staff right away. We try to provide the basics and may have replacements.

If you are working with a costly material or need high precision, you will be well served by bringing your own tooling.

Yours, Ours, and Other Member’s Tools

Our tools will typically be labeled or otherwise marked. Please return tools to their proper home when finished.

Members may bring in their own tools. Please mark your own tools! We are not responsible for them. Do not use another member’s tools or supplies (our insurance policy cannot cover liability of tools that the Bellingham Makerspace does not own).


Everyone requires space to work. When you are done for the day, please return tools and clear horizontal surfaces of materials and projects. Sweep or vacuum your area if needed. If you are gluing up a project and cannot transfer it, label the project with your name, email, and date and time that it can be removed.

Photo Policy

The Bellingham Makerspace reserves the right to take photographs of people and projects in community spaces for promotional purposes. However, we also respect the privacy of our members, and any members can opt out of photography of themselves or their projects. For members in the space, we request that permission be obtained from people before they are recorded or photographed, and if the pictures/video/audio/etc will be posted anyplace online, permission to do that should also be obtained.


The Bellingham Makerspace provides information technology for members to use as part of their projects or classes.

Appropriate Use Policies

  • Do not leave files on the desktop. This results in a cluttered environment. We can make a directory for members files if you have a need.
  • Use a service like Dropbox, or email files to yourself so they can be easily accessed at the Bellingham Makerspace.
  • Avoid too many USB drives as the risk for viruses is high.
  • Some software (e.g., CAD software, amateur radio software) may be only available on one or two computers. Please ask staff to identify computers with these types of software.


A guest is someone who is not a member of The Bellingham Makerspace. Members are welcome to bring guests with them during open hours.

Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests at all times. This means that members and guests are responsible for abiding by our Code of Conduct and guests of members are also held to the Waiver of Liability that members signed.

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