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  • Area champion: Jim Gagnon

Office Hours

  • Scheduled Office Hours are posted monthly on the Class Calendar
  • Usually, someone will be on hand Saturdays, 11:30 to 1:30.
  • Special hours can be arranged to fit your schedule.
  • All questions are welcome. :-)
  • The Makerspace Electronics Area, electronics theory, methods, testing, and component selection are all open topics.


__Work Station 1

  • Soldering, Construction, Testing
  • First-Come First-Served, or Reserved.

__ Work Station 2

  • Soldering, Construction, Testing
  • First-Come First-Served, or Reserved.

__ 3D Repair Bench

  • Reserved for 3D printer repair staff.

__ Equipment Storage

  • Storage is between Stations 1 & 2 and in drawers and boxes below Station 1.
  • Return all equipment to the same place.

__ Parts Rack

  • Parts on the rolling cart are free to members. Donated parts are welcome, keeping the “junk box” full.
  • Please place newly donated or parts returned into bins or boxes marked “SORT” so they get properly stored by staff.


Test Instruments

  • Hantek DSO5202P 2-channel oscilloscope
  • Protek B940 Benchtop Multimeter
  • BK Precision 1671A Regulated DC Power Supply

Soldering and Construction Aids

  • 3x 2nd Hands (two clamp, one pincer)
  • Positional magnifying glass
  • AOYUE 738H Hot Air Gun
  • Wire strippers & cutters
  • Solder suckers

Safety Equipment

  • Safety glasses
  • Aoyue Smoke Absorber 486


  • Solder
  • Solder wick
  • Solder flux and solder paste
  • Wire
  • Cleaning supplies

If materials are ever running low, please alert the Tool Champion first for restocking.

If there is no response within one business day, alert the Shop Manager.


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