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Mikrotik point to point network dishes basic configuration (used at Makerfaire 2022)

Assuming you have two Mikrotik LGH5 access points that are at their factory default settings. The steps to establish a network connection from one point to another is as follows.

  1. Connect a suitable Ethernet cable to the dish by opening the small lid covering the port and ground connection. if permanently installing the dish it is recommended you connect the metal grounding point to a suitable ground connection. Feed the Ethernet cable up into the port through the arm that is in line with the mounts for the dish on the rear.
  2. Connect the POE injector Ethernet cable into a non-network attached switch. This will make finding your dish easier so long as your computer has an Ethernet port. Also connect a computer with WinBox installed to the switch.
  3. Connect both LGH5 dishes POE injector to a power supply of 11-30 volts with a minimum power rating of 6 Watts the supplied power supply is a 24 volt, 380 mA though this is not required as long as the other minimum requirements are met.

  4. Next open WinBox on your Linux or Windows machine and search for neighbors. It is recommended that you establish connections with the devices MAC address and set WinBox to auto reconnect. It is possible to connect to both of the LGH5 devices at the same time and would be preferable for initial configuration.

the default username and password for Mikrotik devices:

Username: admin

Password: (by default the password is blank)

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